Drawing: Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence braved the showers in London last night at the premiere of the latest instalment of Marvel’s superhero franchise X-MEN, subtitled APOCALYPSE global fan screening at the BFI IMAX. One of the warmest days so far this year turned decidedly damp as the heavens opened, pouring its contents onto the appropriately blue carpet (or as I dubbed it ‘apocalypse azure’). J-Law plays the deadly blue-tinged mutant and femme fatale Mystique, whose powers of shapeshifting enable her to take on many aliases, including Raven Darkholme.

Hollywood’s highest paid actress who won the Best Actress Oscar in 2012 for SILVER LININGS PAYBOOK dazzled in her silver, cutout Dior gown and even provided her customary stumble as she scarpered in her platform heels to avoid the deluge. Twitter likened her sartorial elegance to the signature Marilyn Monroe look.

But it was Jennifer’s signature I was after and the constant precipitation was not helpful as she dodged the drops to quickly do the entire line with a gold pen – the member of the sharpie clan I think should be banished – that was fast losing its effectiveness in the rain.  I held the drawing under plastic until the last possible moment and she  to the last possible moment and get her characteristic monogram on it. I like to think she took a split second longer than she took on everyone else’s items to sign my sketch, which is nice but adds another zillion raindrops to the rendering. A golden end to a blue evening.