Mark Winter is an award-winning New Zealand cartoonist, designer and film maker and his pen name, Chicane, signifies a deceptive bend. The extent to which the man himself is deceptively bendy is a matter for some head-shaking debate. Since his first ventures into cartooning, for the Otago University magazine Critic in 1976, he has refined his once-detailed style to something cleaner, sharper, and more confident, often juxtaposing visual and verbal ideas. Mark (or is it Chicane) is a former New Zealand Cartoonist of the Year, having won the QANTAS Media Award for the second time in 2008.

He is currently living in London. He has a masters degree in semiotics and, to be fair, it’s still a matter for local debate whether Mr Winter’s more rarified academic studies into the science of decoding static images do more to explain his own work than being fried by a near-fatal electrical shock as a 21-year-old, when he was belted from the mains while he tried to clean a car. A few weeks later he put a fork down a toaster and got banged again. (And people call cartoonists cynics . . .)

Mark has always had a penchant for travel, which oftentimes has required him to file his cartoons from afar. He’s been a hunched audience member, penning an urgent cartoon from his underlit seat during the first act of a West End production of Les Misérables. He has found himself desperately casting around for fax machines – and finding them – from such varied places as the Empire State Building, Lord’s Cricket Ground and, for reasons that needn’t trouble us here, Lord Jeffrey Archer’s London penthouse. He has walked the streets of Paris at 2am, ending up at the Moulin Rouge explaining to “two pimps and a couple of women wearing less than a Hallenstein’s handkerchief” about his urgent need for fax.

(with thanks to Mike Fallow, who wrote the above piece as an introduction to Mark’s book ‘Chicanery’ in 2008)



Mark is occasionally available to take commissions for artwork, caricature, cartoons or illustration projects. If you would like to discuss this further please get in touch: mark [at] chicanepictures.com


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  1. Mark, I am delighted and honored that you have chosen to follow my website. Your work is nothing short of amazing and inspirational. New Zealand has become an important part of my life; I’ve been to Invercargill at least a half-dozen times, and have fond memories from all of them–and I’m not Bluffing!


  2. I like your sketches and reading you are from NZ I could not resist adding’ I was also there.’ I had an architectural assignment around Bay of Plenty, Papamoa Beach. Have a jolly week end,


  3. Hi Mr Winter! I’m from the team behind All-Allam.com (website actor Roger Allam) We’re getting a whole new look and we are hoping to include some art. You have some wonderful sketches from him as Prospero in The Tempest and as Falstaff in Henry IV. Can we add them to our art gallery? You will get full credit and a link to your website of course, and if you want it deleted for whatever reason in the future we will do so immediately! Thank you in advance!
    All the best, All-Allam team


  4. Mark/Chicane,

    Thank you so much for following me at Lemon’s Tree. It is gratifying that such an awesome artist likes my work. 🙂 You have fabulous style.

    Have a great day,


  5. Hello 🙂 Thanks for following. I’m honoured to have you on this drawing/blogging journey of mine.I really need to blog more, but I’m a girl of few words mostly. Almost…..! Loving your work here – its so nice to see someone using traditional pen and ink, and colour the way it is meant to be used, rather than relying on pixels. *ahem*.


  6. I’ve been looking through your posts, and love your sketches and stories. I’ve just bought a sketch book and pencils, but knowing where to begin is difficult, never having drawn more than a matchstick man before. 🙂 Thanks for your visits to my blog. Sylvia


  7. Hi, I have a question. I’m doing a school project when I need a picture to a picture in a book. Your pictures are so nice and I was wondering if you would be kind and let me use one of your photos to my book that will only appear for my class. Bye(:


  8. Hello Mark, I love your work, I’m very impressed indeed. I will know doubt see you in The Office and I’m sorry for lashing it out on the balcony above your flat. Sorry!


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