Drawing: Daniel Bedingfield in The War Of The Worlds

Daniel Bedingfield

Fellow kiwi, singer-songwriter Daniel Bedingfield has made his West End debut as the Artilleryman in Jeff Wayne’s musical version of The War Of The Worlds at the Dominion Theatre. Winner of the Brit Award for Best Male British Artist in 2004 and Grammy nominated, Daniel has had four Number 1 UK hits.

I managed to catch up with him as he was racing in for last Saturday’s matinee, but had time to stop and sign and like me he has a very flexible adaption of the English language, but his kind sentiments were appreciated. When you’re about to fight the Martians the last thing on your mind is correct spelling… but he got his name right.

David Essex in The War of the Worlds

David Essex

British singer-songwriter and actor David Essex played The Artilleryman on the original 1978 concept album of Jeff Wayne’s musical version, THE WAR OF THE WORLDS. The two-record set still remains a best – seller in the UK. He has now returned to the project as The Voice of Humanity in the West End debut of the stage version, which is currently running at The Dominion Theatre, where I caught up with him last Saturday and he signed my sketch.

Drawing: Heidi Range in The War of the Worlds

Heidi Range

Singer-songwriter Heidi Range is currently making her West End debut in Jeff Wayne’s musical version of THE WAR OF THE WORLDS at the Dominion Theatre. The former Sugababes pop star is playing Parson Nathaniel’s wife Beth in the reimagined stage version of the hit 1978 concept album based on the H.G.Wells novel.

Before she faced the might of the Martians, Heidi had to wade through the usual alien creatures at the stage door before last Saturday’s matinee, including myself and this composite drawing of her as Beth and as a Sugababe.