Drawing: The End of Longing

The End of Longing

Matthew Perry’s debut play as a writer, the bittersweet dark comedy, THE END OF LONGING premiered at London’s The Playhouse Theatre last month. Directed by Lindsay Posner, Matthew plays Jack, an alcoholic who falls for the sassy $2,500-an-hour hooker Stephanie (Jennifer Mudge). Together with the neurotic Stevie (Cristina Cole) and thick-but-kindly Joseph (Lloyd Owen) the quartet of lost souls, all approaching their forties, spent a raunchy night in a downtown LA bar searching for meaning.

I managed to get Matthew to sign my sketch last Saturday evening, but it was amongst a huge throng of fans, so I couldn’t get the other three cast members. It was a lot easier last night when only a handful of people were at the stage door as they arrived for the Friday night’s performance.

Drawing: Matthew Perry in ‘The End of Longing’


Matthew Perry’s debut play as a writer, THE END OF LONGING starts its run at London’s Playhouse Theatre early next month. It marks Matthew’s first return to the West End since 2003 when he appeared in the acclaimed SEXUAL PERVERSITY IN CHICAGO, directed by Lindsay Posner, who returns to helm this production.

While that’s very good news for London theatre-goers, it’s not so good for fans of FRIENDS, ending speculation of getting all six cast members of the hit series together in person for next month’s reunion in the planned NBC tribute to veteran director James Burrows.

Matthew is joined on stage by Lloyd Owen, Christina Cole and Jennifer Mudge in this ‘hilarious dark comedy’ about four people searching for meaning as they enter their forties during one crazy night in an LA bar.

I managed to catch up with Matthew as he popped out for a ciggy break from rehearsals this week ahead of the 2 February opening and my siggy break to get this sketch signed.