Drawing: Cherry Jones and Sally Hawkins in Mrs. Warren’s Profession

In one of my rare departures from the 4B, I did this 2010 sketch of Cherry Jones and Sally Hawkins in the Broadway revival of George Bernard Shaw’s ‘problem play’ MRS. WARREN’S PROFESSION in a black fine line Pilot pen. Actually it was part of my black-liner-with-the-rogue-biro-thrown-in phase.

Sally actually signed it after she returned to the UK, so obviously Cherry wasn’t able to graph it. I got that chance last month to complete the sig-set when she made her West End debut at the Duke of York’s theatre in the Broadway transfer of Tennessee William’s THE GLASS MENAGERIE which is currently running until the end of the month.


Drawing: Sally Hawkins in Mrs Warren’s Profession on Broadway

Cherry Jones Sally Hawkins

Golden Globe winner, Academy Award and BAFTA nominee Sally Hawkins made her Broadway debut in Doug Hughes’ revival of George Bernard Shaw’s controversial 1894 work Mrs Warren’s Profession at the American Airlines Theatre in the Autumn of 2010.

She portrayed Vivie, the daughter of Kitty Warren (Cherry Jones) the title character and ‘madam’ who rises out of the gutter to run a brain of brothels. Vivie was kept separate and ignorant of her mother’s world… until now.

The play was considered so shocking that it wasn’t performed in London until 1902 and then, only privately. It premiered on Broadway in 1905 at the Garrick Theatre and subsequently was revived in 1907, 1918, 1922 and 1976.

Sally signed this black biro sketch I drew of her and Cherry (who I unfortunately missed, but  on my ‘wanted’ list) when she arrived back in the UK after the New York season ended.

Drawing: Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall in Constellations at The Royal Court Theatre


Following on from my Sally Hawkins post yesterday, I also sketched a Constellations drawing including Sally and Rafe Spall.The play, written by Nick Payne, premiered at The Royal Court in 2012 before a West End transfer. It won the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Play and received an Olivier writing nomination. Both Sally and Rafe signed the sketch at the Royal Court in January 2012 after a matinée performance.

Drawing: Sally Hawkins

sally hawkins

One of the most delightful actresses I have met is Sally Hawkins. For her performance as Poppy in the 2008 film HAPPY-GO-ROUND she won several awards, including a Golden Globe. Her latest role as Ginger in Woody Allen’s BLUE JASMINE is also tipped for further honours and she will apopear in Gareth Edward’s GODZILLA next year. Sally happily  signed my sketch at the Royal Court Theatre while she was performing in CONSTELLATIONS.