Drawing: Robert Redford

bob redford001

For the past two years, Hollywood legend Robert Redford has brought his Sundance Film and Music Festival to the O2 in Greenwich, London. On both occasions, the Sundance Kid himself has attended. I was fortunate enough to get a ticket to his Q&A last year and this year he introduced the History of the Eagles doco and the band members themselves. I have not seen or heard that he signs for anyone at the Festival. He politely slipped past us after the Q&A to his waiting limo and this year I didn’t even attempt to ask.

Instead, I did a quick sketch of him and mailed it to his office at the Sundance Resort in Utah. I was told by a seasoned collector the he is a very good signer ‘when round the office’ and that proved to be the case.

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Drawing: Robert Redford


The second Sundance London Film and Music Festival has just concluded after a four day run at the O2 Arena. It’s a condensed version of the original Sundance Festival held earlier in Utah. It’s founder and President, the legendary Robert Redford, also returned this year after a successful inaugural event in 2012.

Mr Redford… or “Bob” to some, is not known to be an accommodating signer in public. I attended his Q+A last year and was one of three people waiting at the exit , but his PA said, “Mr Redford doesn’t sign autographs.” He was right.

This year he attended all four days, including the History of the Eagles, Part I documentary and Q+A with the band members after the screening. I don’t know anyone who got his autograph, or even tried. However, when he’s around his numerous offices, he is apparently a good signer, according to the autograph aficionados.

Late in 1994 I was in Los Angeles, more specifically in Santa Monica. He has an office on Montana Ave. I found out he was around that day. I duly found it and left my sketch with a nice note and a reply envelope. It duly arrived back, signed!

In 1998 I had the pleasure of working with ‘Bob’ and Sam Neill to arrange the New Zealand Premiere and Charity Screening of The Horse Whisperer, when I managed Movieland 5 in Invercargill. He not only secured a print for us from the distributors, but sent a signed message from the event’s programme.