Drawing: Robert Redford


The second Sundance London Film and Music Festival has just concluded after a four day run at the O2 Arena. It’s a condensed version of the original Sundance Festival held earlier in Utah. It’s founder and President, the legendary Robert Redford, also returned this year after a successful inaugural event in 2012.

Mr Redford… or “Bob” to some, is not known to be an accommodating signer in public. I attended his Q+A last year and was one of three people waiting at the exit , but his PA said, “Mr Redford doesn’t sign autographs.” He was right.

This year he attended all four days, including the History of the Eagles, Part I documentary and Q+A with the band members after the screening. I don’t know anyone who got his autograph, or even tried. However, when he’s around his numerous offices, he is apparently a good signer, according to the autograph aficionados.

Late in 1994 I was in Los Angeles, more specifically in Santa Monica. He has an office on Montana Ave. I found out he was around that day. I duly found it and left my sketch with a nice note and a reply envelope. It duly arrived back, signed!

In 1998 I had the pleasure of working with ‘Bob’ and Sam Neill to arrange the New Zealand Premiere and Charity Screening of The Horse Whisperer, when I managed Movieland 5 in Invercargill. He not only secured a print for us from the distributors, but sent a signed message from the event’s programme.


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