Drawing: Lewis Hamilton at Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton

Current World Formula One motor racing champion Lewis Hamilton won his home Grand Prix at Silverstone last weekend to move within one point of his teammate and nearest rival Nico Rosberg on the F1 Driver Standings. It was Lewis’ fourth victory this year and moves him a step closer to retaining the World title. He is now third on the all time list of Grand Prix wins with 47.

Always a good ‘grapher in person, Lewis had previously signed a rapid scribble I did of his car at last year’s British Fashion Awards. In motor racing terms I would call it a ‘practice session’ for this slightly more detailed sketch, including the man himself, which I decided to send to him via his Mercedes AMG Petronas team at Silverstone, not expecting much joy. To my surprise and delight, it came back signed and dedicated. Chequered flag for me!

Drawing: Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton

I can draw cartoons. Cars are more difficult, so I avoid them. But occasionally I try. I did this quick sketch of the current Formula One World Champion Lewis Hamilton in his 2015 title-winning Mercedes AWG Petronas car in my small sketch book. It was in preparation for my usual A4 renderings which I intended including his portrait. That’s him under the helmet. Traditionally, in the days of the Masters, (artists not golf) cartoons were prelim drawings, so in a sense it is a cartoon. Enough of the art history lesson. It also seems appropriate since the Broadway musical HAMILTON  just collected a record 16 Tony Nominations, not that there’s any connection other than motor racing can be a bit theatrical. Many F1 fans probably look at the title and draw the wrong conclusions. Bless ’em.

For some reason I left the drawing in the pad. I have a lot of pads, and for obvious reasons do not carry them with me at the same time. I also use the pure white, acid-free 140gsm paper to collect sigs – perfect for the purpose. I just happened to have this one in my bag last November when I managed to grab a front row spot on the red carpet at the British Fashion Awards at the London Coliseum. I’m no fashion aficionado, but the industry does attract celebs from other realms and on this particular evening Lewis was amongst the gathering. It’s fashionable being a world champion. He arrived quickly, as you would expect for a speed merchant and I got the sketch book out to get his autograph, suddenly realising his sketch was still in it and got it graphed.