Drawing: John Hopkins in Holy Warriors

John Hopkins Holy Warriors

I am an unashamed fan of the British TV series MIDSOMER MURDERS. John Hopkins featured in 14 episodes as DS Daniel Scott, sidekick to John Nettles’ DCI Tom Barnaby. After leaving the show he returned to the stage. One of his recent theatrical appearances was in the critically acclaimed HOLY WARRIORS at Shakespeare’s Globe last year.

The David Eldridge play centres on Richard I’s Third Crusade against Saladin over the possession of Jerusalem, the medieval clash between Christianity and Islam that has lead to a direct line to the violence still engulfing the Middle East today. Richard is one of the few English Kings that is still known by his epithet – Richard the Lionheart, rather than his Regnal number. He had an ignominious ending, killed while laughing at a defender of a castle he was besieging who was using a frying pan as a makeshift shield.

John played the ‘Coeur de Lion’, receiving excellent reviews.

I drew this sketch of John as Richard, which gave me the chance to meet him last Saturday at London’s Tricycle Theatre where he is currently featuring in the hilarious spoof BEN HUR. He happily signed this drawing, while we discussed the general state of the world and… MIDSOMER MURDERS.