Drawing: Ryan The Bisexual Lion

Ryan the bisexual lion

Ryan The Bisexual Lion is the star of the smash hit solo stand-up show called Sex with Animals. He is the altered-ego of American creator and writer Ryan Good, a longtime member of the Neo-Futurists experimental theatre company.

The title is a bit of a misdirection, but “definitely grabs people’s attentions,” says Ryan. “It’s a show folks – not a lot a call to action! Relax”. He assures everyone that no animals are harmed or pleasured in the making of his show. The idea was sparked after his trip to the Galapagos Islands and the tale of Lonesome George, the last Pinta Island tortoise who was given one last try to carry on his subspecies, but “at the ultimate moment, nothing materialised.”

He uses the animal anecdotes, from gay penguins and monogamous albatrosses, to boobies (the rare blue-footed Ecuadorian bird) to explore relationship experiences where gender, sexuality and dating is becoming in Ryan’s words, “increasingly fluid”. No stone is left un-humped!

His real aim is to put a human face on the topics with details about his own unconventional sex life… wearing an extremely tight, shiny, lion leotard.

“Lions are easily the most ferocious badass creatures out there and the males in particular scurry off into the forest and have 48 hour parties where they play with each other sexually”. Ryan says it’s a chance for people to work out what level of monogamy they should be at.

The show is an expedition through the often hilarious and occasionally profound sexual habits of the animal kingdom. The poster states that it is “Eddie Izzard meets David Attenborough on Grindr”. Ryan returned this year to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after a sell out run in 2013. He won the Adelaide Fringe Best Comedy Award earlier this year and had a three week residency at Islington’s Hope Theatre in London before arriving back in the Scottish capital, where he signed this sketch. Rarrrrrrr!


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