The Summit


Cartoon captioned "Two of the planet's biggest psychopathic megalomaniacs negotiating peace... what could possibly go wrong?"


I’m shortlisted for British Political Cartoon of the Year


As the title suggests, one of my ‘toons has been shortlisted for the British Political Cartoon of the Year Award. The public have been asked to participate in the judging. If you click on this link Chicane and I would be eternally (and internally) grateful for your vote.


Week of cartoons

queen Two birthdays

Britain’s longest reigning monarch Queen Elizabeth II is set to celebrate her official 90th birthday today. Her actual birthday was on 21 April. It’s a tradition linked to the unreliable British weather, because the Royal Family want to hold the grand royal birthday parade in the summer.

Rich List

She may be the most influential woman in the world, but she’s dropped off the rich list again, though I’m sure no expense has been spared for the birthday celebrations


As Euro2016 kicks off, violence broke out in Marseille as England fans chant “ISIS, where are you?”

Setting a President

Trump and Clinton are set to contest the US Presidential election.