Drawing: Anna Sloan “Curl Power”

Anna Sloan

Twenty three year old Scottish curler Anna Sloan’s expressive face became one of the vivid images of last year’s Winter Olympics.

She was an integral part of Eve Muirhead‘s bronze medal winning ‘rink’ in Sochi. Along with with Vicki Adams, Claire Hamilton and alternate Lauren Gray they bounced back from losing their semi-final to Canada to beat Switzerland and win Team GBs first women’s curling medal since their coach Rhona Howie struck gold in 2002. A year earlier, representing Scotland, they won the gold at the World Championships in Riga.

Having not watched curling before, the coverage of the event became compulsive viewing. The excitement and tense nature of the games as the curlers were ‘sweeping’ the ‘stones’ down the 46m ice ‘sheet’ towards the four concentric rings called the ‘house’. As an animator I just had to draw it – the energy, the passion, the drama can all be captured in the rampant renderings of a 4b pencil.

I sent this quick montage of vice skip Anna ‘sloan’ ranging on the ice to her curling club in Lockerbie where she kindly signed it for me.