Drawing: Rosamund Pike in Hitchcock Blonde

Autographed drawing of Rosamund Pike in Hitchcock Blonde at the Lyric Theatre on London's West End

Rosamud Pike played the ‘Blonde’ in Terry Johnson’s HITCHCOCK BLONDE, which opened at London’s Royal Court theatre in April 2003, before transferring to the Lyric in Shaftesbury Ave in the West End. The play interweaves between three time zones – a 1919 short film featuring a blonde woman that later fascinated ‘the master of suspense’, influential English film director Alfred Hitchcock, 1959, during the filming of his best-known film PSYCHO, where the blonde acts as a body double for Janet Leigh in the famous shower scene and in 1999 when a media studies professor and one of his students, a blonde woman, discover the 1919 short film and re-examine Hitchcock’s work through its lens.

Rosamund’s screen credits include her role as undercover M16 double agent Miranda Frost in the 2002 Bond film DIE ANOTHER DAY with Pierce Brosnan and the disappearing wife, Amy Dunne in David Fincher’s 2014 psychological thriller GONE GIRL, earning her SAG, Golden Globe, BAFTA and Academy Award nominations. This year she won a Primetime Emmy for her performance as Louise in the British Comedy about a disintegrating marriage, STATE OF THE UNION.

Rosamund was a guest on Dermot O’Leary’s BBC Radio 2 show at its studios in Wogan House earlier this month to discuss her latest role as Nobel Prize-winning Polish scientist Marie Curie in RADIOACTIVE, where she signed my sketch.

Drawing: Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl

Rosamund Pike

Former Bond Girl Rosamund Pike‘s performance as missing wife Amy Elliott-Dunne in David Fincher’s psychological thriller Gone Girl has garnered a lot of awards attention this year.

The film had its world premiere on the opening night of the 52nd New York Film Festival on 26 September 2014, to both critical and commercial acclaim.

Rosamund’s performance was particularly praised. She received Best Actress nominations for the Academy Award, the BAFTA, the Golden Globe and the SAG Awards.

She has already won 16 awards for the role including the Palm Springs International Film Award an the London Film Critics Circle Awards.

Drawing: Rosamund Pike in Hedda Gabler

rosamund pike

British actress and former Bond girl Rosamund Pike played the titular heroine and one of theatre’s most dramatic roles in the touring production of Henrik Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler in 2010.

It’s the tale of the newly wedded daughter of an aristocratic general who struggles with an existence she finds devoid of excitement and enchantment. It’s often considered the role for actresses that Hamlet is for male actors.

“Pike sizzles with electrifying energy, gripped by a mania of discontent,” said The Guardian. Critic Charles Spencer said Rosamund’s performance was, “a dangerous, glamorous allure that is deeply thrilling.”

Rosamund signed this quick black fine liner sketch at the Richmond Theatre in March 2010.