Drawing: Richard Briers in ‘National Assurance’ at The National Theatre

Back in 2010 Richard Briers was in National Assurance at the National Theatre in London. As well as being performed on stage it was screened live in theatres around the world and for the courtyard at the National (where I was). At the end of the play the cast all came out to do a curtain call for the people in the courtyard, before quickly disappearing back inside again to do the curtain call for the people in the actual theatre.

Richard was, understandably, a little slower than the others and the staff at the National were eager to tell us all that there would be no autographs. I was pushed out of the way by them as they were eager to get him back to the stage ASAP. However, he saw my drawing and insisted that “as this gentleman has taken the time to draw me I will take the time to sign it for him”. Very kind man.Richard Briers001