Drawing: Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt

London born Emily Blunt returned to her home town for the early morning premiere of Edge of Tomorrow. It was the start of a very long day for the Golden Globe winner and Tom Cruise who embarked on a one day global three city premiere marathon which began at the BFI iMax, before flying to Paris and then on to New York.

Having just given birth to her baby daughter, Hazel, in February, Emily said she was used to getting minimal sleep and thought she would last the enduring schedule in better shape than Tom. So it was a fresh Emily who happily signed my sketch between rain drops before jetting off.


Drawing: Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages

Tom Cruise Rock Of Ages

Tom Cruise and co-star Emily Blunt embarked on an epic three cities in one 24 hour premiere marathon to launch their latest film Edge of Tomorrow. London first thing, Paris in the afternoon and New York for a late night screening. That mean a real early premiere at the BRI iMax in London. Tom arrive at 6.45am, others had gathered hours earlier in the persistent precipitation. The iMax’s circular design acts more as a sieve than as a shelter, as the showers swept through. However the did serve us coffee and tea and water.

Tom plays an inexperienced soldier in a futuristic conflict who uses a time loop to help Earth battle an alien invasion. he keeps living the same day over and over again, never reaching the tomorrow of the title. The premieres echoed the films complex plot.

I drew this sketch of Tom as the fading rock god Stacee Jaxx in 2012’s Rock of Ages, a film adaption of the 2006 Chris D’Arienzo comedy Broadway musical of the same name.

His performance received unanimous critical acclaim. He spent two months in vocal training and learning the guitar, singing five hours a day.

He loved the sketch , “that’s such a great drawing”. Given his hectic schedule and tight travel arrangements ahead, the PAs were anxious to kep him moving, but he was calm as always and great with the drenched fans. He had a silver Sharpie, but was more than happy ti sing the sketch wit a black one.

:that role was so much fun… and I like that drawing,” as the minders moved him along the line, replacing my black Sharpie with the silver one, then off to Paris.