Drawing: Anne Hathaway “a-y”

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway is the same height as me, so theoretically that should be a perfect symmetry to get a siggy – no adjusting up or down, straight forward. However, add in the Westfield shopping complex , a gazillion dealers and collectors, and the symmetry plus a few bones can be broken.

For a split second I was in the perfect position at the One Day premiere at the Vue Cinema in August 2011. The 28 year old (as she was then) was happily signing everything – as she does – moving quickly down the line. A moment of symmetry in front of me, but it was no ordered structure. No harmony, no proportion and certainly no balance! She did see the sketch, albeit briefly as a cascade of virgins items arrived waiting for her mark, covering my artwork.

However, a fraction of my A4 paper  was exposed and she quickly initialed the sketch. Whether she connected the paper with the drawing is a matter of conjecture. It’s certainly an ‘autograph’ (self writing) but not a common signature (the usual way people sign their name).

I got an ‘A’ and a ‘y’ in the most abbreviated graph I’ve ever seen. Still, it’s the beginning and the end of her name and I was in the middle. Perfect symmetry. As I always say to disappointed collectors who get a hurried scrawl, you need to get variations of the person’s signature to have a balanced collection.

PS – at the Les Misérables premiere I did get a beautiful graph and dedicated in much more convivial surrounds.


Sketch: Anne Hathaway

anne hathaway001

Before Anne Hathaway entertained everyone with her nipples while winning her Oscar, she signed my drawing at the Les Misérables premiere in London. She was a real autograph trooper, the only one in the cast to go around all the public in the drop off area, especially as there’s not much too her and it was very cold! Not to mention that she didn’t have much hair at the time…