Pontification – a collection of Pope cartoons

Annoyed that Pope Benedict XVI has resigned. He was one of the better Popes to draw. So my request to the wolfpack of Cardinals would be that they elect someone easy to caricature again.

Here’s my collection of Benediction toons:1 BenedictionMy latest Pope toon, after he resigned yesterday.

pope on twitter001 mass media

Benedict was also the first social networking Pope


He had a few troubles with information leaks – the butler did it!

un POPEular

and he incurred the wrath of Ireland

not pope-ular004

He got his knickers in a twist over the film “Avatar”

pope and condoms006 pope and condoms003 pope and condoms001

He even experimented with condoms….

Looking at the toons, he’s almost morphing into Yoda at this point. I vote Yoda for the new Pope. He couldn’t do a worse job.