Drawing: Dexter Fletcher

Autographed drawing of director Dexter Fletcher

British actor, director and writer Dexter Fletcher experienced the highs and lows of the entertainment business early in his career. A child star at the age of nine in films such as the 1978 musical gangster comedy BUGSY MALONE, where he played the down and out Baby Face, to actually being down and out, sleeping in cars in his twenties, according to a recent article in the Telegraph.

Now, at 53 he is collating an impressive CV. After featuring as small-time criminal Soap in Guy Richie’s iconic crime comedy LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS, Dexter went on to lead roles in two successful TV series, as Staff Sergeant Johnny Martin in the Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg created war drama miniseries BAND OF BROTHERS in 2001 and head concierge Tony Casemore in HOTEL BABYLON from 2006-2009, before making his directorial debut in 2011 with the crime comedy drama WILD BILL, which he wrote with Danny King.

In 2017 Dexter replaced original director, Bryan Singer on the Oscar-winning Queen biopic BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY with two weeks scheduled principal photography remaining and the film two-thirds finished. However due to the Directors Guild rules he was credited as an executive producer. He followed that with ROCKETMAN, chronicling the life of Elton John, which premiered at this years Cannes Film Festival to a standing ovation, receiving the same reception from Oscar voters at the Academy screening.

Dexter is currently working on the third sequel to SHERLOCK HOLMES, due for release in 2021. He signed my sketch at his London agency earlier this year.


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