Drawing: Matthew Lewis and Ruta Gedmintas in Unfaithful


The penultimate play this season at  London’s ‘hippist, shabby, chic theatre space’ Found 111 was Owen McCafferty’s latest blackly comic UNFAITHFUL. The  four-handler, 75 minute piece is a exploration of infidelity and its effects on a marriage. “When paths cross, a spark is ignited that reveals the hidden truths of two tangled relationships, the unspoken desires, the piercing regrets and the postponed conversations.” One of the couple is Peter and Tara played by Matthew Lewis and Ruta Gedmintas.

Matthew is probably best known as Neville Longbottom, one of the ‘Big Seven’ in the HARRY POTTER film franchise and latterly as Jamie Bradley in THE SYNDICATE AND Ruta’s TV CV includes THE STAIN, SPOOKS, CODE9, THE BORGIAS and THE TUDORS. I meet both at the trendy pop-up Charing Cross theatre during the six-week run of UNFAITHFUL and they signed this drawing for me.


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