Drawing: Anna Chancellor and Toby Stephens in Private Lives

private lives001

Following a sell-out run at the Chichester Festival Theatre, this critically acclaimed revival of Noël Coward’s Private Lives transferred to West End’s Gilegud Theatre for a limited season until 21 September 2013.

Toby Stephens and Anna Chancellor take the lead roles, as glamorous divorcées Elyot and Amanda whose love for one another is unexpectedly rekindled when they take adjoining suites for a French hotel while honey mooning with their new spouses five years later, played by Anthony Calf and Anna-Louise Plowman (Toby’s real life wife).

The original production in 1930 was heavily censored for being too risque. Critics appear united in their reviews of the 2013 version.

“Jonathan Kent’s production of Coward’s masterpiece is the best in a decade” (The Independent).

“Toby Stephens and Anna Chancellor give the most scorchingly sexy, intensely connected performances in London” (Mail on Sunday)

Both Anna and Toby kindly signed my sketch at the stage door this week.


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