Drawing: Andrew Polec in Bat Out Of Hell

Autographed drawing of Andrew Polec in Bat Out Of Hell at the Dominion Theatre on London's West End

After fronting the show since its inception, Andrew Polec left the Jim Steinman award- winning musical juggernaut BAT OUT OF HELL this month during its residency at London’s Dominion Theatre.

Playing the rebellious Strat, leader of the Lost gang in a post-cataclysmic city, Philadelphia-born Andrew, who completed a Masters Degree at Brown University before moving to New York, joined the production of BAT OUT OF HELL at the workshop stage, taking the lead for its world premiere at Manchester’s Opera House in February, which transferred to the London Coliseum followed by a run in Toronto before settling into its West End home in April this year.

BAT OUT OF HELL is a jukebox musical rooted in Meat Loaf’s freakishly successful 1977 album, which sold 43 million copies and spawned a multi platinum sequel in 1993. In his four-star RadioTimes review, Tony Peters called the show ” bonkers, but strangely irresistible… a thrilling assault on the senses.”

Andrew signed my drawing at the Dominion stage door after his final Saturday matinee.


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