Drawing: Julian Clary as The Slave of the Ring in Aladdin

Julian Clary

British comedian and writer Julian Clary spent the festive period playing the ‘Slave of the Ring’ in ALADDIN at the Birmingham Hippodrome, before he embarks on his latest UK tour THE JOY OF MINCING.

Julian’s career began as ‘Leo Hull’, a fake keyboardist for a band called “Thinkman’, before taking to the alternative comedy scene as Gillian Pieface and ‘The Joan Collins Fan Club’ with his pet ‘Fanny the Wonder Dog.’ Joan Collins issued a cease and desist order to prevent Julian using her name, but they starred together in the 2010/11 panto DICK WHITTINGHTON at the Birmingham Hippodrome and have since become good friends.

Julian said he feels very comfortable in the world of pantomime, “I like dressing up and wearing lots of make-up”.  He also said he likes forgetting his lines, “It’s good when things go wrong, then I can improvise my way out of the situation.”

I sent this sketch to Julian during the run, which he signed and returned.


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