Drawing: Toni Collette

toni collette

This is a surrogate sketch for the one I really wanted Toni Collette to sign. I had originally drawn her in her role as Jennifer when she returned to Broadway, after a 14 year absence last spring in Will Eno’s The Realistic Joneses. I knew Toni was an accomplished Australian actress, nominated for every award imaginable (and winner of a few), but only just found out she’s an equally accomplished musician and lead singer in the band The Finish. Unfortunately in my usual haste, my antiquated filing and protection system in my even more antiquated bag assigned the original sketch to a piece of  amateur origami…similar to the Royal Mail sometimes when delivering returned goodies through my small mail slot. ( and strangely as I type this the art of postal paper-folding has just been practiced through the said slot). Suffice to say it was not in a fit state for sig-nifying. The suggogate was quickly sketched in time to catch Toni at the Miss You Already Premiere in London last week,where she not only signed, but dedicated it for me.Second sketch, first-rate star!



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