Drawing: Drew Barrymore

drew barrymore

And now for a bit of functional grammar. I apologise in advance, but I just had to state the obvious. ‘Drew’ is the simple past tense of ‘draw’. It’s also a noun and a verb.I have connected both. I drew Drew-a short sentence that contains a subject and a doing word. Drew Barrymore was the noun and I did the verb thing.  Drew also drew her autograph on my drawing which I drew of Drew. In drawing the line is a key element-the agent of direction, I’ve heard it called. Drew comes from a long and distinguished line of Hollywood stage and screen illuminati, from Lionel, Ethel,John. John again, this time Jr to Drew and beyond. That’s a lot of DNA to draw on, starting with her breakthrough BAFTA-nominated role as Gertie in Steven Spielberg’s ET: The Extra-Terrestial to her most recent film Miss You Already, which had it’s Premiere in London this month. She also writes, directs and produces-it’s in the blood. Along the way she’s picked up her fair share of recognition, including the Golden Globe and SAG Awards for playing ‘Little Edie’ in the TV movie Grey Garden in 2009.

I drew this drawing based on a younger Drew, which I felt was more representational of her well-known facial features. When you see her in the flesh at the Prem, she still has those features. She said “Oh” and smiled then signed.  Some collectors were not happy with her ‘scribble signature’, preferring a fuller name, but I like the distinctive shape. It’s  a quick, simple, initialisation,  forming a decorative ‘heart’  monogram. Drew can certainly draw!

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