Drawing: Grace Savage in Blind

Grace Savage

Grace Savage is such a great oxymoron for a name, but quite apt for the twice British Beatboxing Champion.

Softly spoken, she has cultivated an extraordinary ‘vocal gymnastic’ talent that makes her far more feisty than she may first appear. As one scribe put it “Grace grows into the beatboxing savage”.

WhatsOnStage called her performance an “incredible blizzard of noise and rhythm… made the hairs on my neck stand on end”.

Grace appeared as Jade in Home at the National Theatre in 2013 and returned to the stage with her solo show Blind, which has just completed a two week residency upstairs at the Soho Theatre in London. On her website testimonials page Will Smith wrote, “Your beatboxing is incredible. You sound like an MP3”. As a child she would mimic sounds – everything from ambulance sirens to the hiss of the kettle.

Blind was created with the Leeds based theatre company The Paper Birds and is based on Grace’s auditory influences growing up in Devon. Receiving rave reviews at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, Grace visits, beat by beat, her teenage days – a mash up of pulsating bass, playground gossip beatbox battles, drunken brawls and news broadcasts charting her rise to becoming the country’s champion beatboxer.

Metro called her “staggering”, The Guardian said “Savage is mesmerising”.

I met Grace after her final performance at the Soho last Saturday night where she graphed this sketch.


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