Sketch: Adam James in Bull at The Young Vic Theatre

adam james

Adam James reprises his role as the silkily offensive Tony in Mike Bartlett’s 55 minute four-hander Bull in the Maria space at the Young Vic Theatre. His character ruthlessly gangs up with Isobel (Eleanor Matsuura) on Thomas (Sam Troughton) to ensure Thomas is chosen by their older boss (Neil Stuke) for the chop, west in an unspecified office setting.

It was inspired when the playwright watched a bullfight in Mexico, one of the last surviving examples of ritual public slaughter. “To see something you really disapprove of, but it activates something primal and unsanitised,” he said. Mike won the 2013 National Theatre Award for Best New Play.

Cast members Adam, Eleanor and Sam originated their roles at Sheffield’s Crucible Theatre in 2013, transferring for a run off-Broadway in New York in April, before making the London premiere this year.

Bull continues at the Young Vic until 14 Feb.


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