Drawing: Jeff Fahey in Twelve Angry Men at The Garrick Theatre

Jeff Fahey

Jeff Fahey has starred in many indie classics, including the title role in the cult sci-fi hit The Lawnmower Man opposite Pierce Brosnan and Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse. Other films include Clint Eastwood’s White Hunter Black Heart; Silveradd and Wyatt Earp, both with Kevin Costner.

Jeff’s extensive television career includes playing the title role in The Marshal and most recently, the hit series Lost playing helicopter pilot Frank Lapidus. His humanitarian work involves assisting the establishment of the American University of Afghanistan, projects to assist orphans in Kabul and is a Global Ambassador on the US Committee for refugees and immigrants.

Jeff is part of a stellar cast in the latest West End revival of the classic courtroom drama Twelve Angry Men. He plays the estranged third juror – the last one to vote not guilty (Lee Jacob’s role in the 1957 movie). He signed and dedicated my sketch before yesterday’s matinée at the Garrick Theatre.


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