Drawing: Ellie Taylor

Ellie Taylor

By her own admission British comedian Ellie Taylor started in comedy quite late. The thirty something comic was in her late 20’s when, after seeing a friend perform a five-minute stand-up routine, became a contestant on the ITV talent-reality show SHOW ME THE FUNNY, reaching the semi-finals. Asked why she chose comedy over her marketing day job, she replied, “arrogance, neediness and boredom.” She told BIG ISSUE, “I want to be a professional show off.

Her 2014 Edinburgh Fringe debut show ELLIEMENTARY played to packed crowds at The Laughing Horse. Although Ellie points out it was her ‘debut hour show’. She did do a half-hour gig the previous year, but this was her full, proper debut. You get the picture. She followed that success with a national tour in the spring of 2015. Ellie continued to make an impact on the small screen, hosting BBC Three’s SNOG MARRY AVOID? and has also appeared on MOCK THE WEEK and 8 OUT OF 10 CATS. She described the daunting task of working with some of UK’s great comedians as an excellent way to “shit oneself discreetly.”

This drawing of Ellie is based on her publicity pic for ELLIEMENTARY. She was doing a one night stand-up at London’s Comedy Store in early July before taking her INFIDELITY  show to this year’s EdFringe. I passed by earlier in the day when the venue was closed, but luckily a staff member was have a siggy break outside the front door, which was a siggy break for me because he said he would pass it on and he obviously did.


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