Drawing: Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie

One of Hollywood’s most sought-after actresses at the moment, Margot Robbie is the bookmaker’s clear favourite to become a Bond girl in the next installment of the 007 spy saga. The Australian-born London resident returned to the English capital yesterday for the European Premiere of the DC Comics superhero or in this case supervillain film SUICIDE SQUAD. “So bad-to-the-bone, it’s good”, EMPIRE magazine declared. She’s a clear favourite with both the fans and the critics, playing the deranged prison shrink Dr Harleen Quinzel, who becomes the baseball-bat wielding, toxic-Barbie, Harley Quinn in her strippergram clothes, under the influence of her former asylum patient The Joker (Jared Leto).

The Las Vegas Review Journal critic, who said that she was the best part of and in the movie wrote, “I adore Margot Robbie. I’d walk through fire and a Justin Bieber concert for her.” High praise indeed. It’s almost what I had to do to get my sketch signed. Not a sedate gathering in Leicester Square on a steamy Wednesday evening. Oh No. With the die-hard comic fanatics, school holidays refugees and the muggy weather, combined with a four-hour wait, crammed into claustrophobic pens (always a strange juxtaposition that word, given that it’s also the essential weapon in the graphers arsenal). Madness takes it’s toll. Margot did the line as usual, but it took a few attempts to get the rendering in front of her long enough time to pen her moniker-a nifty use of the ‘t’ as an ‘x’ siggy.


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