Drawing: Nigel Lindsay in Bull at the Young Vic

Nigel Lindsay Bull

‘The Grim Reaper’, was Nigel Lindsay’s reply when asked how he would describe, in three words, his character Carter in his latest stage sojourn.

‘Life can be nasty, brutish and short. So is this play.’

This is one critic’s summation of Mike Bartlett’s 55 minute, Olivier Award-winning  BULL, which was recast and returned to the Young Vic’s Maria space over the festive period (the ‘grinch’ option to all that joyish stuff).  It’s described as a vicious comedy in an allegorical death match between business colleagues. Nigel plays the brutal boss who has to ‘interview’ three people ( Max Bennett, Susannah Fielding and Marc Wootton) for two roles in a workplace-come-bullring. Nigel was a stockbroker in a pre-actor life, so he was familiar with a number of the play’s concepts. He was actually involved in an early reading of the play, but was unable to be participate in the initial runs at the Sheffield Crucible, off-Broadway and the Young Vic in 2014/15.

In an interview he was asked what asked what supernatural power he would choose, Nigel said invisibility, which would make drawing him a little easier. He also added “I could sit naked in a Cabinet meeting and no one would ever know” ….except maybe all the other invisible naked people. So this is a fully-visible, fully-clothed rendering of Nigel as Carter that he signed on his way to the BULL fight for the final matinee a couple of weeks ago.


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