Drawing: Andrew Scott, David Dawson and Joanna Vanderham in The Dazzle

The Dazzle

The top floor of the derelict Central St Martins School of Art on London’s Charing Cross road is an intriguing space and home to the fledgling theatre venue called Found 111. It’s the site-specific for the UK debut of Tony-winner Richard Greenberg’s THE DAZZLE, the  American Gothic story of the real-life Collyer Brothers whose retreat from society to their Fifth Avenue Harlem apartment along with 136 ton of junk including 14 grand pianos.

The reclusive eccentrics and compulsive hoarders made national headlines when their dead bodies were found under sordid, booby-trapped piles of clutter in 1947. Their ‘folie a deux’ has a name – disposophobia – a fear of getting rid of stuff, known as the ‘hoarding disorder’.

SHERLOCK and SPECTRE star, Andrew Scott  and LUTHER and RIPPER STREET’s David Dawson play Langley and Homer respectively. They are joined by Joanna Vanderham from TV’s BANISHED, as Milly, the beautiful guest whose arrival throws their lives into sharp focus. Michael Billington from The Guardian described the performances, “Both actors are hypnotic and the exquisite Joanna Vanderham radiates a damaged sensuality.”

The season, which finishes at the end of this month is sold out, but returns are available resulting in a daily queue running the length of the frontage and beyond. It’s also on one of London’s busiest pedestrian routes, so one has to be on one’s guard to get one’s drawing signed by the three cast members going in. This is the reason it took me two days to achieve the three graphs on one’s sketch.

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