Drawing: Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has returned to the character that catapulted the star into immortality. The veteran actor reprises the role of Han Solo along with many of the original cast members of the 1977 STAR WARS film in the latest and 7th episode of the behemoth franchise THE FORCE AWAKENS.

I did this sketch of Harrison as Han ages ago for nostalgic reasons and just in case our galaxies collided to get it signed. The force is always strong when he’s around so it’s often difficult battling to get his graph. I missed out on the red carpet at the European Premiere in Leicester Square on Wednesday evening but as I got my lucky break last night.

By chance I was strolling down the alleyway that separates Leicester Square and Chinatown, as one does, when I spied the usual pack of autograph dealers and a collection of silver cars parked at the stage door to the Vue cinema. It was a media screening of the film attended by some cast members including Mr Solo. This was going to be a battle of cosmic proportions – the force of the security pushing me from the front, the siggy SS crushing me from behind. I was stuck in a Star Wars sandwich! When he emerged, things went a bit manic.

Harrison is one actor that does not need to be told to ‘break a leg’ given his horrendous accident on the set that fractured his left peg during filming at Pinewood Studios and then the right was broken in a plane accident. At this point in time it was touch and go as to which limb I was about to snap… not the lucky break I was expecting! From the relative safety of behind the car he calmed the situation, telling everyone to be patient and he would sign for us. I was first with my new sharpie, then he proceeded to sign for the others with the said new sharpie. My last image was Han Solo holding my pen in the back seat of the car as it sped away. I continued my stroll down the alleyway, a smile on my face, great graph in my bag and my sharpie cap in hand.


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