Drawing: Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson

As you know, in my next life I want to be a chef. In order to prep for that I have included in my list of vices viewing TV cooking programmes and sketching a few of my favourite foodies. I couldn’t miss out one of the most influential food writers and broadcasters, Nigella Lawson.

My opportunity came last night when she was part of The Guardian Live series at London’s Emmanuel Centre, where she was interviewed and introduced her new book, SIMPLY NIGELLA. It was also an excellent opportunity to exercise my festive spirit and buy a copy of her book for my mum’s Chrissie present. I stood in line while the large throng had their copies signed and got the obligatory selfies, reaching her with only a few left in the hall. ‘Oh there’s such an eerie silence now’ she said. That was before I piped up.

As she was signing my book and we were chatting away I asked her if she could also sign my sketch. Awkward moment. She explained that it was not something she could do and the official looking person told me, ‘Books only’. But the festive spirit prevailed and Nigella very kindly said ” I’ll just pop this in the corner,” and she signed a ‘thank you’ and simply ‘Nigella’. And I’ll pop mum’s pressie in the post.

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