Drawing: Tanya Moodie in Joanne

Tanya Moodie

Olivier-nominated, Canadian-born British actress Tanya Moodie has just completed her solo run in Joanne at London’s Soho Theatre.

Joanne is never seen. She is defined by her absence and elusiveness, existing through the eyes of others, “the sort of troubled, slippery needy person it’s all too easy to ignore”.

Stella, Grace, Alice, Kath and Becky are four characters who come into contact with Joanne during the crucial 24 hour period after her release from prison plus a teacher who remembers the wrong decisions her pupil made.

Five monologues from five different dramatists – Deborah Bruce, Theresa Ikoko, Laura Lomas, Chino Odimba and Ursula Rani – with Tanya performing all roles in a powerful one hour production, commissioned by Clean Break who have, for 36 years been doing important work with women in prisons and at risk.

Critics are unanimous in their response. The Independent’s Paul Taylor summed up the reviews, “Tanya Moodie is terrific in this powerful collaboration”.

Tanya was very generous with her compliments about my drawing. She tweeted it, thanking me and returned it with a kind note. From time to time I receive thank you notes, which is not expected, but always gratefully received. One of the main reasons for doing this blog is to share with others. Many would ask “can we see more of your work” and this the best medium to do just that!

Tanya Moodie Postcard


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