Drawing: Number 1, The Plaza at The Soho Theatre

1 The Plaza

Shit happens… particularly at Number 1, The Plaza, a luxury London apartment and the title of an unconventional 75 minute performance by experimental theatre duo Lucy McCormick and Jennifer Pick which ran at the Soho Theatre this spring. The pair playing narcissistic drama queens let it all hang out. It’s excrement entertainment, literally and metaphorically.

A boundary-pushing, boozy night of cabaret, live art and stand-up, promoted as a “messy musical trash-fest exploring the relationship between the two women.” Jen and Lucy perform numbers from shows such as Wicked and Blood Brothers smeared in human waste and share too much information and other stuff. It gives a whole new meaning to Dirty Dancing. 

Their production company is called Getinthebackofthevan. Need I say more. According to director Hester Chillingworth, Number 1 examines the ‘pornification’ of everyday life, a no holds-barred examination of the kind of shit that we do day to day, surrounded in ‘number 2’s. The company are known for occupying and championing the borders of things, sitting at the crossroads between a number of genres.

Critic Emma Brady described it as “a theatre experience like no other.”

For the alarmed, don’t be. The fake faeces is a mixture of gingerbread cake, chocolate and peanut butter. Ask a front row member of their audience. I was just pleased they used a conventional pen to sign my sketch… I think.



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