Drawing: Eleanor Worthington-Cox in Matilda the Musical

Eleanor Worthington-Cox

Eleanor Worthington-Cox was one of the original four young actresses who rotated in the role of Matilda Wormwood in the hugely successful Matilda The Musical based on the children’s novel by Roald Dahl. After the twelve week run staged by the Royal Shakespeare Company at Stratford-Upon-Avon, it premiered on London’s West End on 24 November 2011 at the Cambridge Theatre.

In 2012 it won a record seven Olivier Awards, including Best Actress in a Musical with the ‘Four Matildas’ – Eleanor, Cleo Demetriou, Sophia Kiely and Kerry Ingram – winning a coveted trophy each.¬†Eleanor is the youngest recipient of the award at the age of 10, and was the Matilda when my wife and I saw the show.

She is currently playing Blousey Brown in Bugsy Malone at the Lyric Hammersmith, where she signed this Matilda montage drawing. WIth such a long moniker her signature is rather compact and intricate.


3 thoughts on “Drawing: Eleanor Worthington-Cox in Matilda the Musical

  1. I find it so interesting that although the necktie is the boldest in colouring that it only made me notice that sketch before the other 2 and didn’t focus me on the tie, but instead the face. I can recall that face over the other two easily. Weird. Like her signature too!


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