Sketch: Kim Noble in You’re Not Alone at the Soho Theatre

Kim Noble

Kim Noble has been labelled an eccentric genius. The BAFTA nominated performance artist and comedian won the 2000 Perrier Award. In his latest show You’re Not Alone,  which finished at the Soho Theatre last week, he tries to get close to other people – one man’s attempts at connection, friendship and employment at B&Q, an escape from the loneliness of modern society.

Theatre critic Henry Hitchings summed up Kim’s latest show as “Noble’s approach is twisted and unpredictable… the result is a warped, ingenious and deeply uncomfortable 65 minutes.”

You’re Not Alone previewed at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, receiving rave reviews and winning a total theatre Award and nominated for 2 Chortle Awards.

Veronica Lee, the Arts Desk reviewer said, “The Soho Theatre’s lawyer was in the night I saw Kim Noble’s new show, and that’s not surprise as it pushes a few boundaries – public decency and legality being just two.”

“The lighter Kim manages to derive comes from shock rather than slapstick,” said Rebecca Jones. (A Younger Theatre)

His approach to making friends is “unorthodox shading into the unethical” said Alice Jones in The Independent. He records his neighbours sex lives, poses as sexting “Sarah” as he chats up boys on Facebook, defecates in a church, becomes obsessed with Keith on the checkout at Morrison’s…

The Times simply said, “utterly compelling” and The Telegraph “one of the most hypnotically involving pieces of theatre I’ve ever seen”.

I met Kim just before his last performance at the Soho and he was genuinely overwhelmed with the sketch and said “What do I write – I don’t do much of this stuff”.


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