Sketch: Julianne Moore

julianne moore

Prior to winning her first Oscar last night for her portrayal as a woman with dementia, Julianne Moore was in London collecting the BAFTA. A number of cunning plans were hatched in my mind to secure her sig on a sketch.

Plan A. Send a drawing to the Academy… The British Academy that is, at their HQ in Piccadilly, paying extra to have it delivered on time and signed for. That didn’t work and it came back quicker than it was sent with a large, red ‘REFUSED’ on it.

Plan B. I found out at short notice that Julianne was doing a Q+A after a screening of Still Alice on the Friday evening before Sunday’s ceremony the Curzon Chelsea, a small cinema on the King’s Road in Knightsbridge. I didn’t have the returned sketch on me, so quickly did this one in 5 minutes, hence the minimal detail, but enough to get recognition.

The usual suspects had gathered in the confined entrance to the cinema. Julianne was running late, or as the security said, she will be just on time, arriving at the end of the screening. And she did, getting out of the car on the drivers side. She didn’t even make it to the curb before she was mobbed with 8x10s and all manner of writing instruments.I was by the door… may as well been on the moon, (which incidentally was in its ‘fool’ phase above us). A quick passage was negotiated after signing as many as poss in 30 seconds as she was whisked inside.

Plan C. I went to the local pub and watched the first half of the Six Nations Rugby match between England and Wales, returning to hopefully get her exiting. Not a soul there. I went around the corner and as night follows day there they all were, lining three deep by the side door,opposite a vehicle that had its motor running. The lunacy continued, right timing, just couldn’t find a place.

Plan D. Door… or doors in this case. The building had a number of doors along this side. I noticed a security person standing at another one to the one where all and sundry were gathered. This was about 10 metres from the mob. I stood there… Moore chance I thought.

30 seconds later Julianne steps out right in front of me. Security said she was in a hurry and wouldn’t be signing, but she said, “I’ll sign this sketch, ” climbed into the car and drove off.

I returned to the second half of the rugby and was over the moon with the evening’s harvest.

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