Sketch: Alison Moyet and Dawn French in Smaller

Dawn French Allison MoyetOne of Britain’s best loved actresses and comediennes Dawn French and 80’s pop star Alison Moyet appeared together in the West End during the middle of 2006 in the production of Smaller at the Lyric Theatre in Shaftesbury Ave.

I didn’t, as usual have much time to do a sketch, but managed this ‘quickie’ which was based on the show’s publicity material. It is the literal ‘on the spot 5 minute scribble’ with a black biro and a bleeding…well leaking, but it was red, so bleeding red fine liner for the inscription. It eventually bled everywhere and I needed to fix the image with white out. As I didn’t want them to sign an image covered in white out, I took a photocopy of the drawing. Hence the red inscription is now black.

Although I managed to capture the likeness of the two, I wasn’t particularly happy with it, but Dawn and Alison were (I think), which is all that counts.


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