Drawing: Kristin Atherton in Mary Shelley Tricycle Theatre

Kristin Atherton

Playwright Helen Edmunden’s new play Mary Shelley premiered in the early Autumn of 2012 at the West Yorkshire Playhouse in Leeds.

Brought up in a free thinking household of ideas, Mary Shelley was the daughter of feminist writer Mary Wollstonecraft and the radical philosopher William Godwin. Aged 16 she eloped with the married poet Percy Shelley and her father cut her off.  Two years later she wrote Frankenstein, a novel dedicated to her father about a man who creates a monster that only yearns for love and respect.

British actress Kristin Atherton played the title role. The Public Review wrote: “Kristin Atherton whole heartedly takes on the title role, passionately showing a determined Mary Shelley… the on stage chemistry between Atherton and Ben Lamb (Percy Shelley) is emotive and truthful. It was part of an eight venue national tour that concluded at the Triangle Theatre in London in June/July 2012 where Kristin signed this sketch.


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