Drawing: Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

Now considered one of the world’s greatest living actresses with iconic roles such as the spoilt, rosy cheeked heiress in Titanic, the Nazi war criminal in The Reader, the free-spirited English author in Iris and the repressed suburban housewife in Revolutionary Road, Kate Winslet has come quite a ways from her first acting job, dancing with the Honey Monster in a Sugar Puffs commercial.

One of the more interesting news stories during her promotion for her latest film Divergent was her refusal to sign the nude drawing of herself from Titanic. It’s the image of her famously draped, naked over a sofa while Leonardo DiCaprio sketched. The drawing is said to have been rendered by director James Cameron. “I don’t sign that one,” she said. “people ask me to sign that one a lot… it is still haunting me, I didn’t mean for it to be a photography that I would end up seeing 17 years later.”

Ranked as having one of the “most beautiful famous faces” by the Annual Independent Critics list for 17 consecutive years, I consented in sketching her face only. So here goes, I anxiously hold out my quick portrait as she walks the line and stops. “Oh,” she says, “did you do this?” I nod and simply ask her to sign it “to Mark”. “It’s beautiful and certainly,” she replies. Phew!

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