Drawing: Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard

If your father’s an actor, playwright and director; your mother an actress and drama teacher, the chances of their daughter following suit are high. Predictably Marion Cotillard stuck to the script, reaching the dizzy heights of a Best Actress Oscar for her role as Edith Piaf in La Vie En Rose (2007). She also collected a BAFTA, a French César and a Golden Globe for good measure. Director Olivier Dahan cast Marion because “her eyes were the same as Piaf.” The fact that she could sing also helped.

She also plays guitar, keyboard, tambourine and cello… and sings under the pseudonym Simone in Maxim Nucci’s band Vodelice. Apart from the glittering prizes for her Piaf performance, Marion said her hat collection increased dramatically. The number of handbags may have also multiplied, becoming the face of Lady Dior after her increase notoriety.

Marion is taking a break from her Greenpeace activism to film Macbeth with Michael Fassbender, playing the scheming Lady Macbeth with a distinctive French accent. The production moves into the impressive Ely Cathedral in Cambridge next week.

The above sketch, which Marion kindly signed, is not a good example of accurate observation. I never noticed the trademark mole in the middle of her forehead! …but I did manage to render her distinctive eyes.


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