Drawing: Roger Allam

Roger Allam001

Roger Allam was the original Javert in the London production of Les Misérables – one of his many high profile parts in an illustrious theatrical career, which has included winning three Olivier Awards.

He signed this sketch at Shakespeare’s Globe in October 2010, playing the role of Falstaff in Henry  IV Parts 1 and 2 for which he won the Olivier Award for Best Actor. He is currently back on stage at the Globe playing Prospero in The Tempest and on the telly as Magister Illyrio Mopatis in the popular Game of Thrones.


5 thoughts on “Drawing: Roger Allam

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  2. Hi Mark! Love your drawings! I’m from the team behind All-Allam.com (website actor Roger Allam) We’re getting a whole new look and we are hoping to include some art. You have some wonderful sketches of him as Prospero in The Tempest and as Falstaff in Henry IV. Can we add them to our art gallery? You will get full credit and a link to your website of course, and if you want it deleted for whatever reason in the future we will do so immediately. Thank you very much in advance!
    All the best, the All-Allam team
    PS: You may get this message twice – I wasn’t logged in, so I don’t think it got send.


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