Drawing: Kevin Spacey in Richard III at The Old Vic Theatre

Kevin Spacey001

The enigmatic multi award-winning actor, Kevin Spacey has been the Old Vic’s Artistic Director since 2003. His efforts have been recognised by a variety of accolades, including an honorary CBE from the Queen.

On stage, I have been fortunate enough (without paying a fortune) to see Kevin in two productions at the theatre. Inherit the Wind and Richard III. The latter reunited director Sam Mendes with Kevin for the first time since their successful collaboration in the Oscar winning film American Beauty.

With Kevin in the title role as the tyrant monarch (although his newly found skull, found under a Leicester car park, suggested he did not have the face of a deformed despot, which pleased the anti-Shakespeare/pro-Richard faction) the production began at the Old Vic in mid 2011, followed by a worldwide tour, culminating in a New York season in 2012.

With his other play and at various public appearances such as opening nights, premieres, even Mikhail Gorbachev‘s 80th birthday bash (Kevin was MC) at the Royal Albert Hall. I have always found him a generous and gracious signer.

He even had his own ‘siggy stall’ – a custom built signing window next to the Old Vic stage door, which he stands behind after each performance, signs and poses for pics. However, for Richard III he did not use the protective porthole and did not sign at all. It was probably due to the taxing final scenes in which he hangs upside down for some length of time. It would take a while for him to stabilise into a Sharpie controlling state. So I left the sketch at the stage door with a note and a stamped self-addressed envelope. It was returned to me within the week.


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