Drawing: Nicola Benedetti

nicola b

Nicola Benedetti – such a great Scottish name, courtesy of her Italian father (who married her Scottish mother) – was born in West Kilbride in Scotland. The 28 year old is one of the world’s most sought after names when it comes to classical violinists. And she has a most sought after name I wanted on my sketch.

The Times once described her, “it was thrilling to hear and watch Nicola Benedetti in a truly risk taking performance that lived so much in the body and fused the sinews of the violin and the nerve system of the player”. Stirring stuff!

After a few years of waiting at various concert halls around London, but missing Nicky (see I’m now on informal first name abbreviations) every time, I finally went to the Royal Albert Hall where Nicola was playing a one-off performance last month and waited for her arrival. Nothing so I left it with a very obliging gentleman at the stage door who said he would get it to her.

A couple of weeks passed – a lifetime in autograph collecting terms – nothing! Then yesterday, bingo! It arrived!

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