Drawing: Jeremy Irons in The Gods Weep at the Hampstead Theatre

Jeremy Irons001

Oscar winner Jeremy Irons had previously signed a sketch for me when he played the lead role in Chris Hampton’s adaption of EMBERS at the Duke of York’s Theatre in 2006.

Expecting a similar result I waited at the Hampstead Theatre one Saturday afternoon to catch him going in for a performance of THE GODS WEEP – an update of the King Lear saga by Dennis Kelly. The Hampstead has a number of entrances and exits, providing a challenge for the ‘siggy stalker.’

Alas, I missed him, so left the sketch with a suitable note and a stamped reply envelope at the stage door. I received the drawing back a few days later, unsigned with a message from Jeremy’s PA. It said that Mr Irons would be happy to sign it if I made a donation to the Prison Phoenix Trust which offers yoga, meditation and books to prisoners. He suggested £15 would be an appropriate amount.

I duly sent the sketch back with the recommended contribution and it arrived back signed and dedicated along with a thank you for the donation. A couple of weeks later, Jeremy was attending an opening night in the West End with his wife Sinead Cusack and signed some autographs… for free!


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