Drawing: Natalie Drew and Jamie Campbell Bower in Bend It Like Beckham

natalie drew jamie bc

The new musical adaption of the cult 2002 film  Bend It Like Beckham opened in the West End in May with Gurinder Chadhas reprising her directorial and writing duties for the stage production at London’s Phoenix Theatre. Jess (Natalie Drew). the eighteen-year-old, Beckham-worhipping daughter of a Sikh family, living in the suburbs of West London faces a culture clash. The second generation Punjabi Sikh defies her conservative parents to sneak off and play football (that’s soccer to some) for the Hounslow Harriers and soon falls for the dashing young coach Joe (Jamie Campbell Bower), creating a love triangle with her friend and tam captain Jules (Lauren Samuels). “Irresistible”, is how The Telegraph’s Dominic Cavendish described the show in his five-star review, reflecting similar sentiments from most of the main-stream UK critics.

It took me a couple of attempts to get this sketch signed, because I just missed Jamie a week ago, but got Natalie, who was surprised but very happy to graph it. I went back after last Saturday’s matinee to catch Jamie. As you can imagine, the Hollywood star, making his West End debut was ultra-popular and since I’m still a Knight from the age of chivalry (and the only male waiting), my MO was ladies first.  And again, as you can imagine, It was a wait, but worth it. He was uber-cool, excellent with all the gathered groupies …and me. He loved the drawing and probably grateful I don’t do selfies, just a siggy was suffice.


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