Drawing: Deborah Frances-White

Deborah Frances-White

London’s Museum of Comedy is nestled in the crypt beneath St George’s Church in Bloomsbury. That is where I meet fellow Antipodean and British Citizen Deborah Frances-White a couple of months ago. Many words can describe the various things Deborah does, but on this occasion she was a stand-up comedian, known for her popular BBC Radio 4 series ROLLS THE DICE.

After the show she was conversing with some of the audience. I waited for my chance to get this sketch signed. It’s based on her hit signature show HOW TO GET ALMOST ANYONE TO SLEEP WITH YOU, which she debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2008. The theme of the conversation was ‘hunters and gathers’ which summed up my intention. My mind did wander back to my undergrad studies in the late 1970’s and the odd stage 1 Social Anthropology paper, which was interrupted when Deborah acknowledged my presence. Reluctant to admit I was an autograph hunter, I said I was ‘gathering’ graphs on my drawings, hence the cryptic inscription ‘gather up!’

For a bit of ‘feministry’ catch Deborah’s THE GUILTY FEMINIST, a weekly podcast from the crypt with fellow comedian Sofia Hagen.

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