Drawing: Jonathan Pryce and Phoebe Pryce in Merchant of Venice

merchant-the pryces

“Jonathan Pryce and his daughter Phoebe excel in Jonathan Munby’s inspired production of the Merchant of Venice at Shakespeare’s Globe in London,” wrote Kate Kellaway in her five star review for The Guardian.

“Casting Jonathan Pryce as Shylock and his daughter, Phoebe, as Jessica turns out to be no frivolous gimmick but an inspiration. It’s a family affair – a double star turn,” she concluded

The production ran in repertory from mid April to 7 June. Double Olivier and Tony Award winner Jonathan was making his first appearance on the Globe stage.

Stephen Collins of BritishTheatre.com wrote, “Jonathan Pryce is a calm, righteous and driven Shylock… (who) finds the heart and soul of the man and with scalpel like precision reveals his inner strengths and weaknesses… Pryce presents a memorable, complete and completely flawed Shylock. The look on Pryce’s face when Shylock is spat upon is seared into my memory. As Jessica, Jonathan Pryces real life daughter, Phoebe is splendid. Full of pain and grief, yet wildly, passionately in love.”

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